Pro Let’s Begin

Why is English Important to You?

Let’s start by looking around us and naming some of the things we see around us at home, at work, and on our favorite walk.

Notes for the teacher:
The Starter pack is a way to shake people up a little. A fun, friendly way. Everybody knows more English than they think they do. They have a lot of broken pieces from their formal education. We need to help them kintsugi those pieces back together into something beautiful and useful to them.

The Starter Pack is the 5-4-3-2-1 anxiety reduction technique.
It helps people see the pieces, pick them up and begin to put them back together into something beautiful.
A LINE subscription can give people a consistent reminder and encouragement to keep looking every day. The synonyms can be a daily affirmation. You knew the base word dog, didn’t you? And you figured out mammal and pet on your own. They get a double whammy. I know this: dog. I can do this: learn new words like pet and mammal. The LINE subscription gives people empowerment, they have this under control. The worksheets and Mentor Moments give people purpose. The vocabulary, topics and usage are all rooted in things that are part of our learners lives. They know what they are talking about. We listen and learn from them, then help them express what they have to say more effectively in English.