I’m Peter. I’m from the US. I’m an English teacher, and I’m here to help you learn. The most important learning comes from you. From you finding the answers that you want to know. So I have made a Questbook. No tests, no answers. Just questions. I hope my questions can get you started looking for important answers and finding better questions. English is not the answer, but it will let you share your answers with people from all over the world.

Keyboard Village is the book with all the questions. is the place where you can come to share your ideas and learn from other people’s experience. I will share some ideas for ways to use Keyboard Village to help yourself learn and to teach people around you. I’ll share my ideas about the questions and how to use them as teaching tools. I’ll also share some activity sheets for each story for you to practice specific skills in English.

Don’t be shy. Let me know you’re out there. If there is something I can do here to help you, tell me what it is and I will do the best I can.