Trying New Things

Quiz Yourself

Watch the story. Take the quiz about the story. Quiz yourself.

You may find, as I have, that there are no right answers but lots of helpful ideas. Please share your ideas in the comments for this post.

HINT: The formatting is weird and a little annoying. You have to go to follow the link to the story and quiz and then come back here to comment.

I’m learning to be better in many ways big and small. Formatting is one of the smaller ones I’m working on, thanks for your patience.

The link is in red text. You can click right here too if you want.

By Thay Bon

Born and raised in the US, I now live in Vietnam. I started teaching English in refugee camps, then high schools in the US, university in Japan. I'm not sure what will happen next, but it will happen here.

My nickname, Thay Bon, means Teacher Four in Vietnamese. Originally it referred to my room number, now it hints at the fourth stage in my teaching journey. I hope that we can walk a while together.

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