Listening to What We Have Learned

X’s Story

There are a lot of stories here. All of them. Now is a moment for X to organize and understand them. We all do this differently. Remember different things, learn our own lessons. Two heads are better than one though, so let’s help X look back over the day.


Remember, Reflect, Event, Effect, Change, Think about, Have a memory of

Lesson Ideas


What was the message of the whole book? What is it about? Practice writing a short description of the book like you would see on the back cover of a paperback.

Take each story from the book and describe it in one sentence.

Review the discussions you had around each question set. Reflect on themes and new questions that emerged.

Activity Sheet

Keyboard Village begins with X feeling Y? about himself and ends with X feeling X! We get to watch those changes happen and hopefully see how some of those changes have also happened in our own lives. This activity gives us a chance to reflect on all that.

Reflect on What You Have Learned