Learning Your Style

V’s Story

The proverb “clothes make the man” says that the way we dress shapes people’s opinion of us as well as our own sense of self. It may be true, and it is certainly true enough to reflect on its impact on our lives.


Fashion, Style, Fit, Clothing words: shirts, pants, shoes, etc., Show your personality, Pick out, Get dressed

Lesson Ideas


Clothes may be a special kind of adjective that we use to describe ourselves- that’s a discussion to have with your higher level students. An easier talk to have is naming and describing the clothes people are wearing in class, there will be lots of color words.

Fruit basket is a fun game to play with clothes. Almost everyone sits in a circle facing inward. One person is standing in the middle- they want to sit down. To free up some seats they call out a specific kind of clothing “shorts” or color “yellow”. Everybody wearing shorts has to get up and change seats, this is the moment the person in the middle can grab a seat for themselves. And so it goes.

Activity Sheet

Are you a creative person? I just have rough drafts for most of my activity sheets, maybe you can help me think of better designs for these.

Fashion and poetry are both about self-expression. And they both have their own set of rules. Rules can be liberating. They give us a how and leave the what up to us. The rule is you put one foot in front of the other, but nobody is telling where to go.

I use a poem by Rilke as model for my students. I love the original and will share it with them AFTER we have written our own. The poem is short and easy to have students to try in one class. My rules are:
Use the same title, “I Live My Life”.
Include the words falcon, song, and storm.
The poems are only 8 lines long.

Everybody writes something wonderful. Really. Try it.