Learning Unicorns Don’t Have to Be Real

U’s Story

Whatever you are looking for is there. Sometimes it is right under your nose, like those missing keys. Sometimes it is hidden away in your imagination. Toys help us bring those things into the light of play. In this story X learns that the unicorn is in you.


Unicorn, Toy, Imagine, Looking for, Anything can be

Lesson Ideas

Words Roots, Prefixes, Suffixes

Explore root words, prefixes and suffixes. Discover all the bits of meaning hidden inside of many English words. ‘Companion’ is my personal favorite. Com=with. Pan=bread. Ion=process. The parts of the word show us that we eat together with our friends, companions.

Now I need to make an activity sheet for that.
Can you beat me to it?

Activity Sheet

Vocabulary Building

I would like this activity to show how we can play with words, especially how they can help us imagine other things. In this case we can find the word ‘unicorn’ hiding in these other words.
remember that in the story X cannot get a unicorn toy at the store, but X realizes that he can use something else- anything else- and pretend that it is a unicorn.