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      Cafe Q
​Cafe Q 
is a book of questions arranged as menus to guide you through the most delicious conversations. Cafe Q is for students and teachers. Each menu set has a theme and a set of questions that explore variations on that theme. Cafe Q can be used for group conversations, speaking practice, and as writing prompts. Most importantly Cafe Q provides a structure for developing critical thinking skills through inquiry based learning. Asking questions of ourselves and finding the value of the answers we have for each other.


Yes, You Can!
You have learned a lot about English, but what have you learned about yourself? We can use English to teach ourselves about learning. In Yes, You Can! We begin that journey, practicing English and practicing learning. Studying for SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, or any other test is learning how to take a test not how to speak a language. Yes,You Can!  lets you use English to learn about yourself and how you see the world. As your language and learning skills improve, you will become your own best teacher.

La La’s Story
La La’s Story 
is a book for students. It is a learner’s journey.  A journey to self-discovery. We don’t just learn facts, we have to learn to trust ourselves with the facts. Learning a new language like English, you have to believe that what you are saying is important. Improving your English simply lets you express your ideas more clearly, powerfully, and beautifully. La La’s Story was written for students in Vietnam and the introductory material is written in Vietnamese. The message is universal. We all have doubts, and we can all overcome our doubts. The writing and drawing activities make it your journey.

Believe English 7 Steps to Success

A short guide to being the best student, and teacher, you can be.
​The journey to a new language begins with a single word. You don’t need good English, you just need a good heart. When you are ready, you will find the words you need to express yourself. We are here to help you. It’s as easy as 1,2,3… 4,5,6,7! Let’s begin the journey together.
Thank you for learning English.

Keyboard Village
Last, but not least, Keyboard Village. 🙂

Believe English Shops

All of this began as Believe English. There’s a website, Pages on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.
Pretty soon there will be a cafe in Vietnam, so come by if you are around. And there will always be these shops online. You can see samples of the books, get some free stuff, and buy the books you like.
Amazon and iBooks are more famous, but Teachers Pay Teachers has the best selection.

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