Let’s Try Anything


Teachers, teach!

Follow your students, not the textbook. There is no answer. There are many answers. Help your students find their own answer. Let them know their answer is worth looking for and that you will help them polish and perfect it.

We get too caught up in Teacher and Textbook. As a teacher my answer is the least important answer, it is more of a threat. Ask your students questions only they know the answer too, then help them express it in English. Our lesson objectives can be presented as words and ways to help students express their ideas clearly and effectively.


Let students create a word bank first.

Have your students look at the pictures and get them to share: 5 things they can see (nouns), 5 adjectives to describe those things, 5 things that are happening (verbs).

Have your students try to put those words into sentences.

Have students combine some of their sentences to retell the story.

The first sets of 5 help you understand what the students are able to do already, and let them start by being in control- using words they know.

Creating sentences and stories give you a chance to introduce key vocabulary words and structures to support your students’ ideas.