PRO What About the Test!

The test isn’t English. The test is a test. If you want to do well on a test, take a class about taking that test. If you want to do well on a test and learn English, read. Read newspapers, read magazines, read books. Read. Read a lot. Read anything that is interesting to you, the topic doesn’t matter. What matters is you are reading, devouring English.

We are all big babies. Babies learn by people talking to them. Talking, talking, talking. Strangers on the street who would never say hello to you will walk right up to little babies- and in America your dog- and talk to them. Hello! Aren’t you sweet? You are the cutest little baby ever, such a sweet smile. Bye bye, baby. Bye bye.

This is reading. Reading for babies. They do it a lot. We are a little different as adults, it’s not see easy for us to have talks with strangers face to face. But we can read. And the same thing will happen. We will learn language.

……What about the challenge and the adventure?