Pro Sounds

What are some things you hear around you? Can you name the thing? The sound? Explain what it means.
For example: I hear barking. Bow wow! My dog barks when somebody is coming to the house.

Try this little quiz. Do you hear what I hear?

Good job! Now we are ready to think about some of the things we DO each day.

Notes for the teacher:
Sounds open up opportunities for people who are ready to say more. They can name the sound- ringing. Maybe an onomatopoeia- ring, bzz, ding-a-ling. They can name the thing that makes the sound- a phone, a doorbell. They can give a meaning to the sound; when I hear ringing I know somebody is calling me on the phone.

As with SIGHTS, these are sounds we hear every day and so we are constantly reminded: That’s ringing. That’s my phone. That means somebody is trying to call me.

This is not a test. If somebody can only say ‘ring’ or ‘phone’, that’s fine. It is a beginning and the place from which they are ready to take the next step and learn.

With sound we can emphasize paying attention. Everything is input. Everything can become English: bow wow! Dog. Barking. Bow wow is the sound dogs make when they bark.