Pro Memes

Memes could be double posted. Photo with text and again as video. Do some A/B to know what catches on.

言きがい What will you say?
生きがい is your reason for living. 言きがい is your reason for speaking.
Why learn English? What is it you want to say? English lets you share it with whole world. Speak up! We want to hear what you have to say.

貴方はもう忘れたかしら Have you forgotten already?
Kaguyahime sang Kandagawa about a long ago lover. Maybe they have forgotten, but the singer remembers their kindness.
Maybe you have forgotten English. It’s ok. English remembers you.When you are ready to come back, English is ready to listen. English is not a test. English is communication.

ダメニモマケズ. Yes You Can!
雨にもマケズ is a poem about overcoming every obstacle.
Our biggest obstacle is ourselves. When we tell ourselves, ‘I can’t’.
ダメニモマケズ means believing in yourself.
Don’t let anybody tell you NO. Especially not yourself. If you can say NO in English. You can speak English. Now, say YES. Now, keep going!

What are you waiting for? Let’s go. Let’s speak English!
English is everywhere. You can use it around the world and around the internet. ‘Hello’ will do to get you started. Let’s go!

言きがいい It is good to speak. Say hello to the world.

生きがい is your reason for living. 言きがいい is telling everybody all about it. Don’t be shy. Say hello to the world.

猿もキーから落ちる Mispronunciation happens.
It happens to all of us. It happens to you in Japanese sometimes too, doesn’t it? It’s ok. Sometimes the mistakes are fun and turn into awesome puns. Like the foreigners say ‘Don’t touch my moustache’.

七転び八OK! Fall forward.
七転び八起き is all about not giving up. Falling down and getting back up again.
七転び八OK! means fall forward not down. Learn from your mistakes. They are free daily lessons in being a better everything.
Don’t worry about mistakes in English, everything will be ok. In fact, everything will be better!

以心伝心 is about understanding beyond communication. A subtle knowing that this person gets me.
以心伝信 says to trust each other. Believe in yourself. Believe in others. English is not a test. English is not a competition. English is friendship. English is understanding. Other people want to talk with you, and they want to be able to understand you. Using English is one way to do that. When we make mistakes it is not because we are wrong, it is because we are trying. And we are here for each other.

金継ぎ is taking broken pottery and making it beautiful again. Not by hiding the scars, but highlighting them in gold.
金スゲ!Celebrates your English. Not by pretending you are a native speaker, but respecting the time and hard work you put in to learning how to say hello. Thank you. Thank you for learning English.

三心伝信 The Power of Synonyms
以心伝信 is a powerful connection between two people.
三心伝信 is a powerful connection between three words, or two or ten. It is the power and joy of synonyms. One word is a beat, a word and its synonyms become a song.

それは人SAYです That’s just the way people say it.
それは人生です and that’s life.

‘What’s up’ and ‘What’s going down’ both mean the same thing. ‘Colonel’ is pronounced kernel. Don’t ask me why, that’s just the way people say it. English and life can both drive you crazy that way. Life is like that, no rhyme or reason.

愛してる、I してる
How do you say ‘I love you’ to yourself?
Where do you go to get some me time?

#愛してる #自分の時間 #一人で

#ダジャレ #英語で遊び

English is right before your eyes.
Maybe you don’t know these words are also English words, many if not most カタカナand ローマ字 are.


Are these words all Japanese? Do they mean the same thing? Does ミルク and milk mean the same thing in Japanese and English?
Walk down the street and see how many romaji and katakana words you can find in shop names and advertisements. Sit down in a cafe with your favorite magazine and notice how many of these words are used there.

Put them all together. Can you make a sentence, a story, using the English you already use in Japanese?

ピタゴラスイッチ As a child you learned by playing with toys. As an adult you can learn by playing with words. Memorizing words is boring, helpful for a test maybe but not encouraging for learning. Making songs or memes can be fun. If it is fun you will want to do it more and more. If it is fun your brain will remember more and more. as well. So go ahead, play with your words.

I do it a lot with Japanese- as you can see. Many times people don’t understand me. The language or the sense are too off and difficult for most people to grasp. The explaining leads to lots of learning, for me about Japanese and for other people about seeing their language fro ma new perspective.

目立つ、Me 立つ 

You can be the person you want to be. Sometimes it is easier in another language, like English.

出る釘は打たれる There’s a new game in town. We are friends and neighbors, not hammers and nails. Do what you want to do. We will support you and sing your praises.

今を生きる If we are paying attention, life is full of surprises. This koi came up out of the pond at just the right time and place to give the phrase new meaning: 今を池る. The reflections of koi in the pond seemed to come to life, reaching the real goal. Not just aspiring to be, but being.

The black coffee looked like an old, old pond. When I sprinkled sugar in I could sense the sound of each grain striking the surface like a sweet rain. Or one big PON when I dipped my donut in to eat it.

Writing the haiku helped me describe it all in Japanese. Writing the haiku will help me remember it all in Japanese too.