Pro How To

What is something you need to explain to people every day.
As a teacher I often need to tell people how to make a verb past tense.
At an office you might have to explain how to fill out a form.
At home you might talk yourself through some daily routines like making coffee in the morning.

Try to describe something yourself and try taking this little quiz about how to make coffee.

Now on to something really important. You know the kinds of words and sentences you can use in English now. The more important is WHAT YOU WANT TO SAY.

Note for the teacher:
This activity requires people to express complete and complex ideas. Not just one sentence statements of facts (This is a dog). People may need help with connecting words: first, and, then, finally. People may also surprise you -and themselves- with the words the come up with when given a meaningful context to use them. This activity also let7s us see the kind of English that is important for each of our students. What is it they need to be able to talk about in the work, hobby, or daily life.

I had my students come up with how-to’s for this magic trick.
Here’s how they did.