Pro Adjectives

Adjectives describe things. They make things special.
Sometimes they are really easy. “I like coffee” becomes “I like hot coffee.”
Sometimes it gets a little harder. We use a verb and put the adjective at the other end of the sentence.
“The man” becomes “The man is happy.”
Sometimes it is just ridiculous. A whole group of words can work together to be an adjective.
“The man” becomes “The man is my friend from America who eats hamburgers.
There are 4 adjectives in that sentence. Can you see them all?

The man is my friend from America who eats hamburgers.             
​What do you think are the adjectives in this sentence?
Can you find a friend who agrees or disagrees with you about that?

While we’re talking, what’s the best adjective to describe adjectives!!?? 🙂