Learning About Possibilities

P’s Story

This is a story about paper which to me is really a story about creativity and possibilities. We use a latin expression to describe the human condition, tabula rasa. It means blank slate and suggests we are all an empty page waiting to be filled up with education and experience. Waiting is fine, but there is also a lot we can do on our own. In P’s story we being to explore those possibilities.


Paper, Writing, Origami, Magic, Possibility, uncharted territory, go exploring

Lesson Ideas

Instructions, Sequence Words

Giving instructions is pretty difficult and requires very careful use of language. Talking about folding a paper frog takes a lot of the stress out of it. Doing the folding in class helps reinforce the language skills because we are doing everything with our hands at the same time.

Activity Sheet

Writing Instructions

Are you a creative person? I just have rough drafts for most of my activity sheets, maybe you can help me think of better designs for these.

P’s story shows us how to make a boat. The next step would be to explain each step in words. It can get pretty tricky- and frustrating. Making paper airplanes is a little bit easier and more fun. And you can have a paper airplane contest.

Everybody makes their own plane in their own way. Then we throw our planes to see which plane is fastest, which can fly the farthest, and which is most accurate.

Finally we draw up the best design to share with everybody.

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