You Can Do Anything

Pep Talk

You can do anything. The things you learn in school can support you, language and skills that will help you express your ideas more clearly. You can do anything- but you have to do it. School gets you ready to fly, now let the questions at Keyboard Village be the wind beneath your wings.


Respect that in school there are some thing you have to do that may not make sense to you. I assure you they make sense to somebody else, and giving that answer or doing it in that way helps us all get along. Just don’t get stuck there. There are other answers and other ways of doing things. You can try them in school too. You may be asked to do it again, but that doesn’t mean what you did was wrong.

If you don’t understand what the teacher wants you to do, understand that you can ask. And know that you can take charge of your own learning.

You can make a list of important words for the lesson whether the teacher asks you to or not.
You can use those words in sentences whether the teacher asks you to or not.

The questions in Keyboard Village are important because only you know the answers. The teacher can’t tell you if you are right or wrong. The teacher can help you express your ideas better.

Try this to get started.
Leaf through Keyboard Village or simply look around you now.
Name 5 things you can see: chair, the blue sky, my dog in my lap.
4 things you can feel: pencil, floor tiles, a cool breeze.
3 things you can hear: barking, music, a fan.
2 things you can smell: my shampoo, rice cooking.
1 thing you can taste: coffee.