Learning to Forgive

K’s Story

K’s story looks at how we treat each other. Perhaps the hardest part of getting along is saying “I’m sorry” and forgiving. And we all need to do a lot of both of those.

Acceptance, Forgiving, Sweep, Clean, Feelings, Clean up, Raking leaves, Make a mistake

Lesson Ideas
Describing Emotions

This is a good place to spend time talking about our feelings and how we handle them. A fun way to look for feeling words is trying to identify the “smiley” face emojis, they have evolved way beyond just smiling and happy. What are some of the other feelings they try to convey?

Activity Sheet

Cause and Effect

Are you a creative person? I just have rough drafts for most of my activity sheets, maybe you can help me think of better designs for these.

I was thinking about religion for this story. Religion can be tricky for people, so I emphasised how we treat ourselves and other people, the feelings we have and what we do about them. We all have feelings, sometimes feelings we don’t want or expect. They just keep appearing in our lives like leaves falling from a tree on a windy day. The trick for us is learning what we can do about those feelings.