Learning What Money Cannot Buy

G’s Story

G’s story helps us think about finding balance in our lives. How much time and energy to give to making money, and how much to spare for the things that money cannot buy.


Money, Income, Enough, Value, Work-life balance, Male money, Make friends, Talk with your mouth full

Lesson Ideas

Giving opinions

There is a certain immediacy to money, and we all have necessary opinions about its value in our lives. We often frame it is a discussion about finding a work-life balance. You could also focus on things like minimum wage or the importance of brands like iPhones.

Activity Sheet

Are you a creative person? I just have rough drafts for most of my activity sheets, maybe you can help me think of better designs for these.

This story is about money, so there are lots more activities to think about, but this one is about talking to people. You can’t buy a good conversation, you can practice asking better questions. The questions we learn in school are formulaic and get formulaic answers. They turn our brains off. “What’s your name? Where are you from?” I’m not talking to you, I’m just repeating what I learned in class. A better question will ask for stories not set answers.

What’s your name? My name is Peter.
Perfect for textbooks. Terrible for communication.

What’s your nickname?

My nickname is Missy Bon. It’s Vietnamese for Teacher Four. I got it when I was teaching in Hong Kong and my students didn’t know my real name and ……

Now we’re talking. 🙂