Learning to Play Together

E’s Story

We learn to be good and to be bad. One way this happens is through the games we play. We almost always compete AGAINST each other. Emphasis on against, and that is a lesson we learn all too well. E’s story looks at other ways we can play and learn to be together.


Play, Out, Share, Cooperate, playing a game, tease each other

Lesson Ideas

Play a game. Think of a game most people will know, like musical chairs. Write out the rules. Play the game. Check your rules.

Invent a game. Now you have to write the rules out first.

Guess a game. Put the rules on the board without naming the game. See if people can guess it from the rules. Be ready to hear and talk about variations!

Activity Sheet

Rules and How-to

Making rules is good practice for following steps and writing concisely. Numbered steps can be a little bit of a cheat by avoiding sequence words, you might ask your students to rewrite the list as a paragraph.