Learning We Are Home

A’s Story

A’s story asks us to think about the difference between house and home, and especially what makes a house a home. The quick explanation is that a house is a physical place, and a home is an emotional space. For some people ‘home’ isn’t even the house they live in, it is some other place where they feel welcome and safe.


House, Home, Architect, Design, Express yourself, Feel at home

Lesson Ideas

Draw- Write- Present

I love, and my students love, drawing a picture of their dream home. Pictures are fun because you don’t need any English skills to show what your dream looks like. You will want to explain it and that is where we can help each other find the right words for everything. ‘Pool’ and ‘helicopter’ are often in high demand. Once we have the words we can put them into sentences and then put our sentences into stories describing our dream homes.

My students draw their house on one side of the paper, and write a description on the other. When they share their house with other people, they can hold up the picture so it is easy to see and be peeking at what they have written if they want that support.

Activity Sheet

Are you a creative person? I just have rough drafts for most of my activity sheets, maybe you can help me think of better designs for these.

Before we had the internet and memes people might have cross-stitched a special quote to hang on their living room wall. The stereotypical one is “Home Sweet Home”. This activity sheet lets us share memes we like enough to hang on our wall- at home or online.

Another Way of Thinking About Home